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Dear Friends,

It may sound as if I am rushing us through the year, but as we head into the summer I want you set aside a special day in the fall.  That day is Sunday, September 17.  Put it on your calendar.  Highlight it with multiple colors so it cannot be missed.  And whatever you do, don’t schedule anything out of town on that day.  You need to be here.  You need to be at TPC on that day.  It will be a significant day that will never be repeated and you simply cannot miss it.  Let me give you a little background.

In the early 1960’s the Research Triangle Park was beginning to grow and with it the workforce that would staff the many companies that would make their home in this part of North Carolina.  During those same years a group of Presbyterians began thinking about forming a church in the growing area of southwest Durham County.  After a series of interest meetings and some door to door visits to gauge the interest, the group first worshipped on March 5, 1967.  In those days they met at the old Lowe’s Grove School on Alston Avenue.  At that point they were not as yet officially a church but would be recognized as such in September of that same year.  There were 31 charter members when Triangle officially became a church.  They continued to worship at the school for a couple of years and then built their first building on a piece of property that had been purchased at auction from the Board of Education in 1969.  That building was “home” for twenty years until 1987 when the church moved to its current location.

If you quickly do the math you will recognize that this September will be the 50th anniversary of Triangle Presbyterian becoming a church and that is something to celebrate.  A lot has happened in those years.  The church grew in membership,…the decision was made to change locations,…buildings and building additions were accomplished,…and for 30 years in the “new” location we have unashamedly proclaimed the saving grace of Jesus Christ.  Through these fifty years, some have come to faith through this ministry.  Children and adults have been baptized and nurtured in the faith.  Couples have gotten married.  Friends and loved ones have gathered to celebrate the lives of those who have transitioned from this church to the church triumphant.  Meals have been shared.  Prayers have been prayed.  Worship has drawn us into the presence of God.

September 17 will be a special opportunity to not only look back and remember the goodness of God and how we have experienced it as a congregational family through the years, but also to look ahead to the exciting future that God has placed before us.  As we get closer to that day you will hear more about details concerning worship and celebration.  For now…mark your calendar and plan to be here.  We hope this will be a homecoming of sorts.  We want those who have spent time with us but have moved away to join us for the celebration.  Our hope is family members whose lives were touched by the ministries of TPC but who now live in other places will make their way back to be a part of this special day.  Let’s get the word out and save the date!

Joyfully sharing with you in the ministry of TPC,



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